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Dear Prospective Distributor,

The MTI Telecom highly successful Prepaid Card Distributor program is now available everywhere across Canada, from British Columbia to Ontario, to the Atlantic Provinces! There is no other turn-key business opportunity anything like it, anywhere! Use the form below to request information today!

This exceptional, comprehensive, simple to operate small business brings the highly profitable global telecom industry to anyone with the ability and willingness to invest in themselves, and the desire to build their own future! Complete the form below now to discover how MTI distributors are creating long term income with this unique, easy to operate, all-inclusive system! We provide guaranteed locations, and we have more retail locations than we have distributors to service them!

Distributor testimonials:

"Within a week, my first locations sold out! It's a pleasure to run this business." Gord P. - BC "It began to grow quickly, the profit margin is high, and the product is great!" Rob B. - AB

The MTI Opportunity

The multi-billion dollar prepaid card industry is exploding. The number of prepaid card users is in the tens of millions and growing fast, with more customers purchasing this convenient product every day. Calling from a smartphone, or any phone, anywhere, prepaid cards save consumers huge money. These savings are realized during all calls.

The MTI distributor program enables you to rapidly profit from Canada's high-growth prepaid card market. It is simple and easy to operate because we provide everything you need, including guaranteed locations. Our unique patented talking display generates top awareness in stores. We provide business-grade global service, and our customer support is always there 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, backing our cutting-edge products.

MTI offers a proven, simple, easy to operate high-profit business. Our prepaid products have the highest distributor profit in the industry!

Our turn key program includes:

  • An Electronic Illuminated Talking Display that senses traffic
  • Inventory of Prepaid Cards,
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Our Locating Professionals
  • 5-Year Display Warranty

Your task as distributor is to simply keep the display stocked, collect revenue and to re-stock retailers on a periodic basis. Our distributorships include simple inventory and business forms so keeping accounts is as easy as a entering the sales into a form. No accounting or technical knowledge is required. This program is a simple, easy, proven business because we get you the locations, and we guarantee them!

Huge growth is forecast for this industry and very quickly our displays will be appearing all across Canada. From BC to Ontario to the Atlantic Provinces, there has never been a better time to begin profiting from the prepaid telecommunications industry. There are still many locations available in every province. However, as with any good opportunity, the best locations in any area will be gone first. Request an information package today!

Turn Key

You get everything you need- A simple cash-based business - Minimum-time, Part time or Full time - No selling required - Your own local business that can be run with as little time as just one day per week - Our pre-printed easy to use forms make record-keeping a breeze

We Get You The Locations

Guaranteed locations - Full company support - No selling on your part - There are more potential locations in every area then we have distributors to service them! Request an information package today!

Minimal Competition

There is no business opportunity like it in Canada! Request info now with the form below:

MTI Telecom is 100% Canadian Owned and Operated

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